Server/Waitress Information

At the Crazy Horse we love our waitresses! Our goal is to provide you with every opportunity to make unlimited income. To achieve this we cater to an upscale clientele who appreciate excellent service. Our extensive training program will teach you how to be sweet to the elite and be rewarded well. But more than anything, we like to have fun. Come by and see for yourself. You will be glad that you did!

What do I need when I apply:

Drivers License and Social Security card.
Also remember that whatever position you are applying for involves being part of a fantasy so try to look your personal best. Having your make-up on and hair done helps project a positive and winning image.

How much money can I expect to make:

That is really up to you. Most waitresses average $500 to $1,000 per week. As you develop your style and clientele you will make more and more. I can say honestly that no waitress has ever quit working at our clubs because she wasn’t making enough money. We have waitresses who have worked with us for many years, bought a house, paid off their college bills, and raised families as single mom’s. We provide an opportunity for you to make unlimited income.

What is the uniform:

White Crazy Horse Polo Shirt.
Black skirt.
Black heeled shoes: Happy feet make a happy waitress. Invest in well made, closed-toe shoes with a minimum 2” heel, and strong arch support.
Tray: Round 18” – 20” cork or rubber topped tray
Bev Naps.
Bank: a bank of cash to make change for your customers at the table
Pen Light: Pen light or small flashlight for customer assistance.
3 Pens: inexpensive pens that you can afford to lose.

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Crazy Horse Men's Club
Miles Rd. at Richmond Rd.
Bedford Heights Ohio
(216) 763-1111

Crazy Horse Brook Park
16600 Brookpark Road
Brook Park Ohio
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Crazy Horse Cleveland
St. Clair Ave. at E. 13
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Platinum Horse Brook Park
13955 Brookpark Rd.
Brook Park Ohio
(216) 916-0000

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